Studying Rhythm

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For courses in Music Theory, Musical Skills, or Sight Singing.

A thorough, practical introduction to rhythm
Studying Rhythm introduces students to the basic processes and complexities of musical rhythm and helps them develop the ability to perform all kinds of rhythmic patterns accurately at sight. Authors Anne Hall and Timothy Urban provide students over 300 one- and two-part rhythmic studies, each with short preliminary exercises, that are intended to be sung, spoken, and tapped or clapped. TheFourth Edition offers fresh examples from the standard repertory as well as new material on structured improvisation.

By (author): Anne Carothers Hall Professor Emeritus By (author): Timothy P. Urban

Table of Contents
1. Simple Duple Meter
2. Simple Triple Meter
3. Simple Quadruple Meter
4. Dotted Quarters and Tied Notes in Simple Meter
5. Compound Dupler Meter
6. Sixteenth-Notes in Simple Meter
7. Dotted Eighths in Simple Meter
8. Sixteenth-Notes in Six-Eight Meter
9. More Rests and Syncopation in Simple Meter
10. More Rests and Syncopation in Six-Eight Meter
11. Nine-Eight and Twelve-Eight Meter
12. Triplets
13. Two Against Three
14. Half-Note Beat (Simple Meter)
15. Dotted-Half-Note Beat (Compound Meter)
16. Eighth-Note Beat
17. Dotted-Eighth-Note Beat (Compound Meter)
18. Small Subdivisions
19. Changing Simple Meter
20. Changing Compound Meter
21. Changing between Simple and Compound Meter with the Division Constant
22. Changing between Simple and Compound Meter with the Beat Constant
23. Three Notes in Two Beats and Two Notes in Three Beats
24. Four Against Three
25. Four Notes in Three Beats and Three Notes in Four Beats
26. Quintuplets and Septuplets
27. Five-Eight and Five-Four Meter
28. More Meters with Unequal Beats
29. Changing Meters with Unequal Beats
30. More Cross Rhythms
31. Tempo Modulation