Civil Drafting Technology (P)

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Author Madsen
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Civil Drafting TechnologySeventh Edition covers it all-basic and advanced topics-and everything in between, equipping readers to convert engineering sketches or instructions into actual formal drawings and gain a working knowledge of mapping. Using a “knowledge building format where one concept is mastered before the next is introduced,Civil Drafting Technologyincludes:


Basic Drafting TopicsMaps: fundamentals, types of maps, scales, symbolsCADD: use, standards, applicationsIntermediate/Advanced TopicsMeasuring distance and elevation, Surveying, Location & Direction, Legal Descriptions and Plot Plans, Contour Lines, Horizontal Alignment Layout, GISCareer DevelopmentSchooling, Employment, Workplace Ethics, Professional OrganizationsCADD ApplicationsContent-related TestsReal-world drafting and design problems


By (author): David A. Madsen Emeritus By (author): Terence M. Shumaker By (author): David P. Madsen

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Civil Drafting Technology

2. Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD)

3. Map Scales

4. Map Symbols

5. Measuring Distance and Elevation

6. Surveying Fundamentals

7. Location and Direction

8. Legal Descriptions and Plot Plans

9. Contour Lines

10. Horizontal Alignment

11. Profiles

12. Earthwork

13. Civil Engineering Detail Drawings

14. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)