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The only ground-up Canadian community health nursing text, Community Health Nursing: A Canadian Perspective has been specifically designed to match the way the course is offered in Canada. Widely praised for its accessible writing style, Canadian content, and thorough coverage of the key topic areas in community health nursing, this text strikes the perfect balance between theory and practice. With over 50 contributors from across Canada, Community Health Nursing will help students understand and apply key concepts informed by the unique influences that shape health in Canada.



The History of Community Health Nursing in Canada;Power, Politics, and Policy of Healthcare Delivery;Nursing Roles, Functions, and Practice Settings;Public Health Nursing; Home Health Nursing in Canada;Advocacy, Ethical, and Legal Considerations;Theoretical Foundations of Community Health Nursing;Health Promotion;Race, Culture, and Health;Evidence-Informed Decision Making in Community Health Nursing;Epidemiology;Communicable Diseases;Community Nursing Process;Community Health Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation;Digital Health;Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health;School Health;Family Health;Gender and Community Health; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Clients;Older Adult Health;Indigenous Health;Mental Health;Rural and Remote Health;Chronic Care, Long-term Care, and Palliative Care;Correctional Health;Ecological Determinants;Violence in Societies;Homelessness, Poverty, and Food Insecurity;Substance Use, Abuse, and Addictions;Sexually Transmitted Infections and Blood-Borne Pathogens;Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Nursing;Global Health;Challenges and Future Direction



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Community Health Nursing: A Canadian Perspective, Fifth Edition , has been written with the undergraduate student in mind. The work on this edition is in response to the needs expressed by faculty and students for a broad, comprehensive, and yet concise textbook providing an overview of community health nursing. Each topic is written with the understanding that this will be the student's first foray into the community health nursing arena. We have chosen to incorporate the individual, family, community, system, and population as client perspectives throughout the text.

Over time there has been much discourse on the scope and practice of community health nursing. Historically, "community health nursing" was used to describe all nursing outside the hospital setting. In this textbook, community health nursing is defined as a specialty in nursing that encompasses a number of sub-specialties and a variety of practice areas, including home health nursing and public health nursing.

The community client may be an individual, family, community, system, or population, but care is rendered with an eye to the health of the population. The setting may be a home, institution, community, or agency serving the population. The common academic preparation is the basic baccalaureate education leading to the designation Registered Nurse. The employer may be an individual, family, community, government, nongovernmental, or not for-profit agency. When our chapter authors address a specific health issue or a particular population or aggregate in this textbook, each is speaking through the lens of her or his experience and/or research about a segment within the larger whole of community health nursing.

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By (author): Lynnette Leeseberg Stamler PhD, RN, FAAN By (author): Lucia Yiu RN, BSc, BA, MScN By (author): Aliyah Dosani RN, BN, MPH, PhD By (author): Josephine Etowa Phd, MN, BScN, RM, RN, FwACN By (author): Cheryl van Daalen-Smith RN, PhD

Table of Contents
Part One The Context of Community Health Nursing in Canada
1 The History of Community Health Nursing in Canada
2 Policy, Politics, and Power in Health Care
3 Nursing Roles, Functions, and Practice Settings
4 Public Health Nursing
5 Home Health Nursing in Canada
6 Advocacy, Ethical, and Legal Considerations

Part Two Foundations and Tools for Community Health Nursing Practice
7 Theoretical Foundations of Community Health Nursing
8 Health Promotion
9 Race, Culture, and Health
10 Evidence-Informed Decision Making in Community Health Nursing
11 Epidemiology
12 Communicable Diseases
13 Community Nursing Process
14 Community Health Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
15 Digital Health
Part Three Nursing Care of Selected Populations
16 Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health
17 School Health
18 Family Nursing
19 Gender and Community Health
20 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Two Spirit Clients
21 Older Adult Health
22 Indigenous Health
23 Community Mental Health
24 Rural and Remote Health
25 Chronic Care, Long-term Care, and Palliative Care
26 Correctional Health
27 Ecological Determinants of Health and Environmental Health Inequalities
Part Four Selected Community Problems
28 Violence and Health
29 Poverty, Homelessness, and Food Insecurity
30 Substance Use
31 Sexually Transmitted and Blood-Borne Infections
32 Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Nursing
Part Five Looking Ahead
33 Global Health
34 Critical Community Health Nursing: An Imperative
Appendix A The Canadian Community Health Nursing Standards of Practice
Appendix B Public Health Nursing Discipline Specific Competencies
Appendix C Home Health Nursing Competencies