Item#: 9780176796174
Author: Erjavec
Publisher: Cengage Canada
Cover: Hardback
Section: Auto Service Tech
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Main Description
Advancing technology continues to improve the operation and integration of the various systems of the automobile. These changes present ongoing challenges for students aiming to become successful automotive technicians. The fourth Canadian edition of Automotive Technology: A Systems Approach was designed and written to continue to prepare students for those challenges. This book concentrates on the need-to-know essentials of the various automotive systems (and how they have changed from the vehicles of yesterday), the operation of today’s vehicles, and what to expect in the near future. New technology is addressed throughout the book in addition to the standard technology that students can expect to see in most vehicles. Each topic is explained in a logical way. Many years of teaching have provided the author team of this text with a good sense of how students read and study technical material, as well as what draws their interest to a topic and keeps it there. This knowledge has been incorporated in the writing and the features of this book.

By (author): Martin Resoule By (author): Stephen Leroux

Table of Contents
Section 1: Automotive Technology Chapter 1: Careers in the Automotive Industry Chapter 2: Workplace Skills Chapter 3: Working Safely in the Shop Chapter 4: Automotive Systems Chapter 5: Hand Tools and Shop Equipment Chapter 6: Diagnostic Equipment and Special Tools Chapter 7: Basic Theories and Math Chapter 8: Preventive Maintenance and Basic Services Section 2: Engines Chapter 9: Automotive Engine Designs and Diagnosis Chapter 10: Engine Disassembly Chapter 11: Lower End Theory and Service Chapter 12: Upper End Theory and Service Chapter 13: Engine Sealing and Reassembly Chapter 14: Lubricating and Cooling Systems Section 3: Electricity Chapter 15: Basics of Electrical Systems Chapter 16: Basics of Electronics and Computer Systems Chapter 17: General Electrical System Diagnostics and Service Chapter 18: Batteries: Theory, Diagnosis, and Service Chapter 19: Starting Systems Chapter 20: Charging Systems Chapter 21: Lighting Systems Chapter 22: Instrumentation and Information Displays Chapter 23: Electrical Accessories Chapter 24: Restraint Systems: Theory, Diagnosis, and Service Section 4: Engine Performance Chapter 25: Ignition Systems Chapter 26: Ignition System Diagnosis and Service Chapter 27: Gasoline, Diesel, and Other Fuels Chapter 28: Fuel Delivery Systems Chapter 29: Electronic Fuel Injection Chapter 30: Fuel Injection System Diagnosis and Service Chapter 31: Engine Performance Systems Chapter 32: Detailed Diagnosis and Sensors Chapter 33: Intake and Exhaust Systems Chapter 34: Emission Control Systems Chapter 35: Emission Control Diagnosis and Service Chapter 36: Hybrid Vehicles Chapter 37: Electric Vehicles Section 5: Manual Transmissions and Transaxles Chapter 38: Clutches Chapter 39: Manual Transmissions and Transaxles Chapter 40: Manual Transmission/Transaxle Service Chapter 41: Drive Axles and Differentials Section 6: Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles Chapter 42: Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles Chapter 43: Electronic Automatic Transmissions Chapter 44: Automatic Transmission and Transaxle Service Chapter 45: Four- and All-Wheel Drive Section 7: Suspension and Steering Systems Chapter 46: Tires and Wheels Chapter 47: Suspension Systems Chapter 48: Steering Systems Chapter 49: Wheel Alignment Section 8: Brakes Chapter 50: Brake Systems Chapter 51: Drum Brakes Chapter 52: Disc Brakes Chapter 53: Antilock Brake, Traction Control, and Stability Control Systems Section 9: Passenger Comfort Chapter 54: Heating and Air Conditioning Chapter 55: Heating and Air-Conditioning Diagnosis and Service Appendix A: Decimal and Metric Equivalents Appendix B: General Torque Specifications Index