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Author: Fehrenbach
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology
Cover: Paperback
Section: Dental Hygiene
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Get a clear picture of oral biology and the formation and study of dental structures.Illustrated Dental Embryology, Histology, & Anatomy, 5thEdition is the ideal introduction to one of the most foundational areas in the dental professions - understanding the development, cellular makeup, and physical anatomy of the head and neck regions. Written in a clear, reader-friendly style, this text makes it easy for you to understand both basic science and clinical applications - putting the content into the context of everyday dental practice. New for the fifth edition is evidence-based research on the dental placode, nerve core region, bleeding difficulties, silver diamine fluoride, and primary dentition occlusion. Plus, high-quality color renderings and clinical histographs and photomicrographs throughout the book, truly brings the material to life.

By (author): Fehrenbach By (author): Popowics

Table of Contents

UNIT I: OROFACIAL STRUCTURES 1. Face and Neck Regions 2. Oral Cavity and Pharynx

UNIT II: DENTAL EMBRYOLOGY 3. Prenatal Development 4. Face and Neck Development 5. Orofacial Development 6. Tooth Development and Eruption

UNIT III: DENTAL HISTOLOGY 7. Cells 8. Basic Tissue 9. Oral Mucosa 10. Gingival and Dentogingival Junctional Tissues 11. Head and Neck Structures 12. Enamel 13. Dentin and Pulp 14. Periodontium: Cementum, Alveolar Bone, Periodontal Ligament

UNIT IV: DENTAL ANATOMY 15. Overview of Dentitions 16. Permanent Anterior Teeth 17. Permanent Posterior Teeth 18. Primary Dentition 19. Temporomandibular Joint 20. Occlusion

Bibliography Glossary Appendix A: Anatomical Position Appendix B: Units of Measure Appendix C: Tooth Measurements Appendix D: Tooth Development Index