Plays 1 (P) Includes "Art"

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Item#: 9780571221912
Author Reza
Publisher Fabe
Section Novels
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Now in one volume, the works of "the most successful international playwright of her generation" (Vogue).

Yasmina Reza's plays reflect the razor sharp wit, social commentary, and impeccable comedic timing that have earned the praise of critics throughout the world, none more so than the Tony Award-winning Art, an eccentric and clever play of ideas that took the American theater community by storm. In this sly critique of contemporary relationships, Reza skillfully picks apart the friendship of three men via a bowl of olives and a white-on-white painting. Now translated into more than 30 languages, Art continues to be performed worldwide, even as Reza's other plays have garnered similar acclaim. Life x 3, Reza's most recent offering, again highlights her satirical wit as two couples face off in three different versions of the dinner from hell. Praised as "compact, cool and clever" by Christopher Isherwood of Variety, Reza uses the acidic exchanges of her characters to illuminate their inner desire for love and acceptance. Also included in this edition are two earlier plays, The Unexpected Man and Conversations After a Burial. Each elucidates the startling difference between public and private life, be it in the confines of a train compartment or a country estate in the aftermath of a loved one's passing.

Yasmina Reza is an acclaimed playwright, screenwriter, and novelist. She lives in Paris. Each and all, the dramatic works of Paris-based Yasmina Reza reveal the sharp wit, social awareness, and comedic timing that have charmed critics worldwide. This omnibus collection presents the complete texts of four of her plays. The Tony Award-winning Art was hailed in Newsweek as "hilarious and sneakily profound." And USA Today called Life x 3 "endearing, thoughtful . . . [Captures] everyday life [as] both ridiculous and sublime." In The New Yorker, The Unexpected Man was termed an "artful [rendering of an] encounter between strangers on a train." Finally, London's Financial Times raved thus of Conversations After a Burial: "The mixture of laughter and tears [is] often Chekhovian . . . Powerful, affecting." "[Reza is] the most successful international playwright of her generation."—Vogue

By (author): Reza, Yasmina Translated by: Hampton, Christopher

Review Quotes
Praise for the plays of Yasmina Reza:

"Hilarious, sneakily profound . . . Art takes that yawny old bore, the play of ideas, and jolts it to life." --Newsweek

"Artful . . . [The Unexpected Man] may convince you that there is nothing of greater value in all the world than a brief encounter between strangers on a train." --Nancy Franklin, The New Yorker

"[Life x 3] remains as endearing as it is thoughtful . . . [Reza] characteristically seeks to explore the quirks that can make everyday life both ridiculous and sublime." --Elysa Gardner, USA Today

"The mixture of laughter and tears, of irony and plain speaking, is often Chekhovian . . . Conversations After a Burial leaves a powerful and affecting aftertaste." --Alastair Macaulay, Financial Times (London)