Item#: 9781260065909
Edition: 11
Author: Balderson
Cover: Paperback
Section: Hospitality
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Main Description
Balderson Canadian Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management is recognized as a market leading text that offers strong coverage of the theory of entrepreneurship and small business management, blended seamlessly with practical Canadian examples of actual entrepreneur experiences (Small Business Profiles). Focus is on currency and emerging trends, generating and maintain student interest through cases and thought-provoking questions, and improving academic rigour, while staying true to the book’s vision of being easy to follow and absorb.

The numerous individual cases, as well as a comprehensive running case, are continuing strengths of this text, as is the fact that it is indigenously Canadian and supports learning in a Canadian business context through its content.

Table of Contents
Part 1 – The Decision to Start a Business
CHAPTER 1 - The Role of Entrepreneurship and Small Business in Canada
CHAPTER 2 - The Small Business Decision
CHAPTER 3 - Evaluation of a Business Opportunity

Part 2 – Preparing for Small Business Ownership
CHAPTER 4 - Organizing a Business
CHAPTER 5 - Buying a Business and Franchising
CHAPTER 6 - Financing the Small Business

Part 3 – Managing the Small Business
CHAPTER 7 - Marketing Management
CHAPTER 8 - Managing the Marketing Mix
CHAPTER 9 - Financial Management
CHAPTER 10 - Operations Management
CHAPTER 11 - Human Resources Management
CHAPTER 12 - Management Help: Mentors, Boards of Advisors or Directors, and Tax Assistance

Part 4 – Looking to the Future
CHAPTER 13 - Managing Growth
CHAPTER 14 - Managing the Transfer of the Business