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Edition: 3
Author: Quesenberry, Keith A.
Publisher: Rowman
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Main Description
Social Media Strategy: Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations in the Consumer Revolution, Third Edition is a blueprint for the practice of marketing communications, advertising and public relations in a digital world where the consumer holds the power. This new edition presents up-to-date strategies for innovating change, supporting traditional efforts, and leverage consumer influence for the good of the brand. Examples from small businesses, large corporations, and non-profit organizations provide real-world statistics in an accessible and highly practical text. This new and updated edition presents a fuller, integrated approach to the traditional disciplines of marketing, advertising, and public relations. Adopters of the first edition will find the original structure and approach supplemented with updated statistics, features, tactics, and social media platform options. New features include: -Expanded discussion of social media careers, ROI, social media plan outline, crisis communication, and content creation -Chapter Checklists that challenge students to seek out latest developments in rapidly changing social media -Key Concepts sections appear at the end of chapters as an easy study reference -Full Glossary of all key concepts, including more than 125 new terms -Ethics-focused questions and new brand examples in each chapter -Coverage of new developments such as TikTok, AI and messenger chatbots, as well as links to professional certifications from Hootsuite, HubSpot, Facebook, Google, and more Instructor resources may be found at These include: -Updated case briefs, chapter outlines, and test banks -Revised example assignments and syllabi for undergraduate and graduate courses -New PowerPoint slides for in-person or online lectures -Ten downloadable templates and guides to support key strategic tools

Short Description
Social Media Strategy presents up-to-date strategies for innovating change, supporting traditional efforts, and leverage consumer influence or the good of the brand. The third edition presents a fuller, integrated approach to the traditional disciplines of marketing, advertising, and public relations.

By (author): Quesenberry, Keith A.

Table of Contents
PART I: An Overview of Social Media 1: The Scale and Scope of Social Media -The Rise of Social Media -The Size of Social Influence -The Maturing of Social Media -Mini Case: Kony 2012 -Social Media Change Leads to Opportunity -Box: Broadcasting vs. Narrowcasting -Theoretically Speaking: Interactivity and Two-Way Communication -Chapter 1 Checklist -Social Plan Part 1: Discover and Explore -Key Concepts -Questions for Discussion -Additional Exercises 2: Shifting Influences and the Decline of Push Marketing -When Push Comes to Shove -Mobile First Media -Box: Push versus Pull -Mass Media to Consumer Communication -Mini Case: Sony Europe -Box: Social Media Command Center -Theoretically Speaking: Social Presence and Media Richness -Chapter 2 Checklist -Social Plan Part 2: Adding to the Noise -Key Concepts -Questions for Discussion -Additional Exercises 3: Point of View from Control to Engagement -The Mass Media Age Is Over -Mini Case: Queensland Tourism -From Communication Interruption to Engagement -Careers in Social Media -Box: Social Media Manager Mental Health -Theoretically Speaking: The Four Ps to the Four Cs -Chapter 3 Checklist -Social Plan Part 3: Quantifying Engagement -Key Concepts -Questions for Discussion -Additional Exercises PART II: A Strategic Process for Social Media 4: A Foundation for Social Media Strategy -Plans, Campaigns, and Goal Setting -Situational Analysis, Target, and Objectives -Mini Case: Old Spice New Target -Box: Objectives Should Meet SMART Guidelines -Listen with a Social Media Audit -Theoretically Speaking: Market Segmentation -Chapter 4 Checklist -Social Plan Part 4: Objectives, Target, Situation Analysis, and Audit -Key Concepts -Questions for Discussion -Additional Exercises 5: Customer Experience and Customer Engagement -Fix Operations, Product, and Service Issues -Social Media Marketing Cycle -Big Ideas and Being Interesting -Box: What Is Account Planning? -Telling a Story in Social Media -Mini Case: Chipotle Scarecrow -Theoretically Speaking: Ethnographic Observational Research -Chapter 5 Checklist -Social Plan Part 5: Repair Plan and Big Idea -Key Concepts -Questions for Discussion -Additional Exercises 6: Cross-Discipline Integration through Social Media -The Real Convergence -Box: The Attention Economy -Think Like an Expert in All Fields -Mini Case: Burger King Subservient Chicken -Social Media Advertising -Social Media Analytics Measurement -Box: Social Media Strategic Plan -Theoretically Speaking: Corporate and Marketing Communication, Public Relations, and Advertising -Chapter 6 Checklist -Social Plan Part 6: Integrate Traditional Marketing with Social Strategy -Key Concepts -Questions for Discussion -Additional Exercises PART III: Choose Social Options for Target, Message, and Idea 7: Social Networks, Blogs, and Forums -Choosing Social Options -Social Networks -Facebook -LinkedIn -Messaging Apps -Blogs and Forums -WordPress -Blogger -Mini Case: GM Fastlane Blog -Tumblr -Forums -Chapter 7 Checklist -Social Plan Part 7: Select Social Networks, Blog Platforms, and Forums -Key Concepts -Questions for Discussion -Additional Exercises 8: Microblogging and Media Sharing -Microblogging -Twitter -Pinterest -TikTok -Mini Case: Pharrell's "Happy" -Media Sharing -YouTube -Instagram -Snapchat -Chapter 8 Checklist -Social Plan Part 8: Choose Most Strategic Content Sharing -Key Concepts -Questions for Discussion -Additional Exercises 9: Geosocial, Live Video, Ratings, and Reviews -Geosocial -Foursquare -Social App Locations -Google My Business -Social Live Video -Ratings and Reviews -Mini Case: McDonald's Q&A -Yelp -TripAdvisor -Amazon -Chapter 9 Checklist -Social Plan Part 9: Strategic Use of Location, Ratings, and Reviews -Key Concepts -Questions for Discussion -Additional Exercises 10: Social Bookmarking and Social Knowledge -Social Bookmarking -Reddit -Digg -BuzzFeed -Mini Case: Behr Paints BuzzFeed -Social Knowledge -Wikipedia -Yahoo! Answers -Quora -Podcasts -iTunes -Chapter 10 Checklist -Social Plan Part 10: Buzz Building and Knowledge Sharing -Key Concepts -Questions for Discussion -Additional Exercises PART IV: Integrating Social Media across Organizations 11: Social Media Insights and Crowdsourcing -Leveraging Social Media Insights -Box: Social Media Research Process -Crowdsourcing the Wisdom of the Crowd -Mini Case: Fiat Mio -Box: Crowdsourcing Surprise and Delight -Theoretically Speaking: Local Search Constrains R&D -Chapter 11 Checklist -Social Plan Part 11: Adding Crowdsourcing into a Campaign -Key Concepts -Questions for Discussion -Additional Exercises 12: Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing -Personas and User-Generated Content -Engagement through Content Marketing -Mini Case: Dove Real Beauty Sketches -Advocates and Brand Ambassadors -Box: How to Find a Brand Evangelist -Influencer Marketing -Theoretically Speaking: Consumer-Brand Relationships -Chapter 12 Checklist -Social Plan Part 12: Creating Brand Content and Motivating Brand Evangelists -Key Concepts -Questions for Discussion -Additional Exercises 13: Social Care and Social Selling -The Customer Is Always Right -Mini Case: Hertz 24/7 Social Care -Social Care Is No Longer a Choice -Box: Types of Social Information Impacting Customer Service -Crisis Communication and Reputation Management -Box: How Does COVID-19 Impact Social Media Strategy? -Social Selling and B2B Sales Strategy -Theoretically Speaking: Word-of-Mouth in a Service Context -Chapter 13 Checklist -Social Plan Part 13: Creating Cross-Functional Social Care and Social Sales -Key Concepts -Questions for Discussion -Additional Exercises PART V: Pulling It All Together 14: Write Your Plan, Plan Your Sell -Slow and Steady Wins the Race -Social Media Content Creation -Social Media Content Calendar -Social Media Metrics and Analytics -Box: Dark Social -Social Media Budget -Artificial Intelligence -Theoretically Speaking: Uses and Gratification -Leap of Faith? -Chapter 14 Checklist -Mini Case: Saucony Find Your Strong -Social Plan Part 14: Compile the Parts and Sell the Story -Key Concepts -Questions for Discussion -Additional Exercises 15: Social Media Law, Ethics, and Etiquette -Social Media Laws and Regulations -Box: The FTC Takes Action -Social Media Ethics -Mini Case: Wal-Marting Across America -Social Media Etiquette -Box: Personal Branding -Consumer Data Privacy and Security -Theoretically Speaking: Elaboration Likelihood Model -Chapter 15 Checklist -Social Plan Part 15: Checking the Plan for Law and Ethical Considerations -Key Concepts -Questions for Discussion -Additional Exercises Appendix A: Three-Part Social Plan Appendix B: Social Media Tools and Resources Glossary Index