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Main Description

Learn the ins and outs of health promotion and disease prevention in Canada withEdelman and Kudzma's Canadian Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span . This all-new, comprehensive text grounds you in the Canadian health objectives for promotion and prevention which aims to improve the health of the entire population and to reduce health inequities among population groups. Among the text's chapters you'll find extensive coverage of growth and development throughout the life span - including coverage of the normal aspects, the unique problems, and the health promotion needs that are found in each age and stage of development. Separate chapters discuss each population group - the individual, the family, and the community - and highlight the unique aspects of caring for each of these groups. In all, this comprehensive and culturally relevant text provides all the tools needed to stay up on the latest research and topics in Canadian health promotion.

Edited by: Luctkar-Flude Edited by: Tyerman

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Foundations for Health Promotion 1. Health Defined: Health Promotion, Prevention, and Protection 2. Diverse Populations and Health 3. Health Policy and the Delivery System 4. The Therapeutic Relationship 5. Ethical Issues Related to Health Promotion

Unit 2: Assessment for Health Promotion 6. Health Promotion and the Individual 7. Health Promotion and the Family 8. Health Promotion and the Community

Unit 3: Application of Health Promotion 9. Overview of Growth and Development Framework 10. The Prenatal Period 11. Infant 12. Toddler 13. Preschool Child 14. School-Aged Child 15. Adolescent 16. Young Adult 17. Middle-Aged Adult 18. Older Persons

Unit 4: Interventions for Health Promotion 19. Screening 20. Health Education 21. Nutrition and Health Promotion 22. Exercise 23. Stress Management 44. Complementary and Alternative Strategies 25. Health Promotion for the Twenty-First Century: Throughout the Life Span and Throughout the World